Valuable Information about American Comfort Air Conditioners

American Comfort Air Conditioners is not a new name when it comes to heating and air conditioning units in US. The company claims to have many years of experience in producing indoor and outdoor air conditioning units. Depending on the model and features of air conditioner, their prices vary too much. Main motto, as defined by the company website is to provide ease and comfort to the people. Currently, there are more than 1200 outlets of American comfort air conditioners in the US and almost each outlet has 1-2 technical support assistance for repair and maintenance of indoor and outdoor air conditioning units.

It is very important to have all details regarding warranty and repair policy outlined by the company. On all air conditioning appliances, American comfort provides on-year limited warranty, which is subject to certain terms to be fulfilled. In case of defective units, customers need to immediately inform the company by phone and the detective unit must be replaced within 30 days of purchase. Although in case of any defect that is detected during the year, the warranty cannot be claimed if the damage is caused by an accident or self-harm. The sole purpose behind providing this warranty is to ensure that no defects are remained in the manufacturing procedure and workmanship.

There are two different types of American comfort air conditioners, first one is known as ACW personal air cooler and second type is called ACW series portable air conditioners. Although their usage is quite similar but for the convenience of traveling professionals and people living in rental houses, it can be ACW series portable air conditioners are widely used. Even if you are going out for a picnic or any warm area, you can bring it because of its portable nature. Both of these systems have powerful compressor that convert the hot air into cool air and also maintains the oxygen level in the room. It has a screen on its front side that shows the room temperature and moisture percentage. In addition to this, it has auto-shutoff and restart facility, which ensures adequate temperature in a room.

Although the official website of American Comfort has not launched the online shop store, but several other ecommerce websites like Home Depot have home appliances that are available on extremely low prices. In addition, if you buy in bulk, a special discount is also offered on all American Comfort Air Conditioners.

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