American Standard Kitchen Sinks - A Guide to the Most Popular Collections and Their Benefits

Many homeowners and restaurants prefer American Standard kitchen sinks. This company has been manufacturing kitchen appliances and fixtures since 1875. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. Whether you want to renovate your home kitchen or a commercial kitchen, you can select from a wide array of sinks and faucets.

Out of the many lines, the two most popular are Culinaire and Silhouette. Both of these collections have sinks that fit in any type of kitchen. The Culinaire line sold by HomeClick comes with sound deadening features that reduce the noise and vibration. Made out of 18-gouge stainless steel, these sinks are highly durable. They also come with mounting clips to make installation easy.

Several of the Silhouette sinks are made with the Americast design. This material is patented exclusively for American Standard kitchen sinks. It's a combination of high-quality metal and titanium enamel, which are molded together with a porcelain finish. Despite being so tough, the Americast material is still smooth and light. It even weighs less than traditional cast iron!

Obviously, these are all about great performance and impressive looks. There are styles to fit any kitchen, including undermount, top-mount, double bowl, single bowl, and triple bowl. They come in many sizes, all the way up to triple bowls with five faucets. The Silhouette sinks with Americast can retain a great deal of heat.

As mentioned above, American Standard kitchen sinks are easy to install. By investing in one, you'll be saving a lot of money by not having to pay for installation services. Furthermore, you will save a fortune over the years to come due to the durability and reliability of these models. The insulation properties also add to the appeal, since it retains heat a lot longer than the average model.

These models all come with a varying number of drills for the fixtures. You can easily customize your own sink to make it a perfect fit for your kitchen. Since there are so many colors to choose from, you can customize it to look great with the overall theme of your kitchen. Although there have been a few complaints about discoloration, the majority of reviewers rate this brand highly.

Last but not least are the faucets. When shopping for American Standard kitchen sinks, make sure you choose the right faucets. There are many collections to choose from, including Silhouette, Culinaire, Pekoe, Hampton, and Amarilis. These come in a variety of styles for both modern and traditional kitchens. Whether you want a pull out spray, single handle faucet, two handles, etc, you should be able to find everything you need to renovate your kitchen!

Read more about American Standard kitchen sinks and the benefits they offer. Whether you simply want to replace your sink or remodel your entire kitchen, the best place to look for ideas is HomeClick. There are e-coupons available to help you get a bargain on American Standard kitchen sinks and faucets.


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