Initial History And Different Types Of Danby Ice Makers

With the global weather change, the demand of heating and cooling appliances has significantly increased. Danby, a well-known name in the world of ice making, was established as a family based business in late 1947. The company remained a small business that provided refrigeration services until it opened its first office in 1992 in Ohio State. This was the base of better and stronger business operations that significantly helped them in expanding their line of business and in a short span of time, Danby started manufacturing Washers, Refrigeration appliances, laundry appliances, wine and beverage and specialized units for ice making.

Ice makers got enough recognition when the need of quick ice making felt on picnics and night-out stays in forest and beaches. There are few types of specific ice makers by this company and each unit has a varied price, which depends on its features and relative capacity of producing ice. First of all, the “DIM1524W Ice made easy” is a special unit which has the capacity of producing 33 pounds of ice within 24 hours. In addition, if you cannot wait for whole day and need quick response from the machine, the first packet of ice can be delivered within ten to fifteen minutes and after every 10 minutes, you can have another batch of ice. It comes in white color and the company offers 18 months warranty period, which is quite sufficient to judge the overall performance.

Then there is another kind of Danby ice maker, which comes in a metallic black color and has the capacity of producing 23 lbs. of ice cubes in 24 hours. It has manual drain-in and drain-out option that means that in case of water accumulation, the unit can be cleaned easily using a self-made area. Unlike “ice made easy”, this one provides a warranty period of 24-months and during this period, any type of technical and mechanical issue will be resolved by the company.

DPC6012BLS Party Center is a large sized ice maker and its capacity of chilling 12 bottles and 60 cans of beverages at a time make it one of the elite class ice makers. In addition, it also produces 7 lbs. of ice. This unit is mostly used in outdoor parties and beach shows where other refrigerators do not work. It also offers 2 years warranty period. Although these ice makers can be bought online from Danby website, but Danby website provides no discount, which is a big drawback. However, certain electronic appliances like Danby ice makers can be found on websites like Home Depot with attractive discounts.

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