Franke Granite Sink Review - A Combination of Elegance and Durability

The use of granite to make kitchen sinks is a fairly recent development and you can expect only a market leader to be responsible for such innovations. Franke has been making kitchen sinks and other appliances for decades and has constantly upgraded the products and increased the product range to meet the demands of demanding customers. This Franke granite sink review looks at some of the granite sinks that are available in the market.

First, however, an explanation of what granite kitchen sinks are and why they are the choice of many modern homeowners. The material used to make granite sinks is a mixture of quartz crystals and acrylic resin. Quartz crystals form the greater proportion of this blend at 80% with acrylic resin taking the remaining 20%. The result is granite - an extra-strong compound that is amazingly hard and one that will last a lifetime. Sinks made from granite will not stain nor will they chip or get scratches. They are also strong enough to resist thermal shocks and are ultimately better value for money than their stainless steel counterparts.

There is a wide range of Franke granite kitchen sinks to choose from regardless of the size of your kitchen and the prices are quite reasonable for a product that will last a lifetime. The Franke USA OC3322-1, for example, is a Double Bowl Granite sink that retails at under $400.

An even more reasonably priced Frank granite kitchen sink is the Frank Fhp Double Bowl Sink. This sink has two equal bowls of 8" depth and is very easy to install as it is self-rimming. It has a length of 33-7/8" and a width of 22-7/16".

Granite sinks from Franke come in different shapes and sizes. The elegance that the Franke brand is associated with can be seen in the granite kitchen sinks as well. An example is the Franke MTG-651 Polar White Mythos Granite Sink. This sink is rectangular and has two holes. It weighs about 51 pounds and has a slanted bottom which has a depth of 5" on the left and 7" on the right. The sink is also available in two colors, white and graphite.

The shapes and sizes of granite sinks from Franke vary making it possible for everybody to get a sink that meets specific needs. These quality and durable products are certainly a prudent buy because they give excellent life-time service.

The sinks discussed in this Franke granite sink review are available at Homeclick at prices that will not dent your wallet.

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