How to Decorate a Law Firm Office

A law firm office consists of a reception area linked with waiting area for guests, leading to offices of lawyers practicing in the firm, the conference and meeting room. We will discuss all these areas for a perfect interior decoration to bring the message of comfort and trust.

Color scheme:

A color scheme of white and black is widely used in many law firms. White and black color combination gives a message of a very open, simple and realistic approach. It symbolizes a bond between two entities and trust. Another color scheme which may be used is off white back ground wall paints with a combination of wood work and black leather.

Reception and waiting area:

The reception and waiting area is better if it is kept small and cozy. A small reception desk to give clear view of the receptionist gives a message of transparency and a message of warm welcome. The sitting area to have comfortable seats of sofas placed in shape of half circle or half square giving sense of oneness. A center table with daily new paper and magazines to keep the waiting person occupied. A TV screen may also be placed to display news channel. A water dispenser along with a coffee/tea maker may also be placed nearby.

Lawyer’s office:

Choosing any theme, the person coming to discuss an issue should be comfortable and trust for secrecy. For that purpose here too the choice of furniture of main desk may be simple wooden brown or black matt with clear view of the lawyer. The wall behind the lawyer is to showcase lawyer’s achievements or degrees and certificates. Clear enough certificates are to be fixed in canvas print for a clear view of the client without any problem. A Lawyer office may also have a book shelf containing the latest constitution volume.

Conference room:

A conference room maybe designed with a long conference table according to a firm need. One of the walls according to the view should be set for a projector screen. Comfortable leather office seats give it an official look and at the same time relaxing to attend lengthy meeting. Walls of the conference room are to be fixed with firm’s major achievements and also photos printed on canvas portraits of the present President of the State and CEO of the firm. We can put big plants in pots in one or two corners of the conference room. A self-service coffee or tea maker machine should be inside the conference room to save time to the participants.

Library/Filing racks:

A separate room maybe made for collection of books on law and constitution of the country and collection of books on International laws and constitutions. A record room may also be present in the same room, housing a computer and filing racks for cases in hand and already dealt with. Center table with chairs are to be placed for lawyers wanting to read the books within the library area. Since the area will be used for reading as well, it should have ample light. The lighting should be good enough to illuminate all area and keep it bright. A room with big window may also be chosen for this purpose.


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