HP 21 Ink Cartridge Review & Buying Guide - What to Consider When Shopping for Quality HP Ink

The HP 21 ink cartridge is compatible with many HP printers and fax machines. Itís crisp black ink that yields up to 190 or 380 pages, depending on whether it comes in a single or double pack.

When it comes to printer ink, itís important to choose high quality cartridges so that your document printouts will look great. Consistency is also an important factor, as every single page will come out crisp, clear, and easy to read.

This particular cartridge is rated highly for its reliability and capability to produce consistent results. The HP 21 ink cartridge works with the following all-in-one series and printers:

∑ Deskjet 1300 series (D1330, D1341 Ö)
∑ Deskjet 1400 series (D1455, D1420, D1430, etc)
∑ Deskjet 1500 series
∑ Deskjet 2100 series (all-in-one machines)
∑ Deskjet 2200 all-in-one series
∑ Deskjet 2300 series
∑ Deskjet 2400 series
∑ Deskjet 300 series
∑ Officejet 3600 and 4300 series
∑ Deskjet 3900 series
∑ Deskjet 4100 series

It also works with products such as the PSC 1400 series, including the 1410v and 1410xi printers.

For photos and other color printouts, the 21 ink cartridge works with the 22 ink cartridge. Each is sold by itself or together as part of a refill pack.

Whether youíre printing out personal documents or business documents, you wonít have to worry about messy results. With fade resisting technology, the printouts remain nice and clear for years to come. HP has always been one of the biggest names in the printer industry, for both home and office printing.

Printer ink cartridges can be ordered online. Ideally, you should order OEM ink so that you can expect the best quality. There are scams out there and some online stores sell the cheapest, messiest ink possible. If not messy, then the ink may turn out to be dry from sitting on the shelf for too long. Only order from a store that guarantees cartridges with fresh, new ink.

Remanufactured ink might be ok just as long as you order it from a legitimate store with a good reputation. A legitimate store will allow you read reviews on HP ink cartridges, both OEM and remanufactured.

Another thing to consider when ordering HP 21 ink online is whether or not it will work with your printer. If you have one of the aforementioned printers, it should. However, you should still double check. Online stores have tools to help you match a printer or multifunction machine with a specific ink product.

One of the best things about shopping for printer ink online is the savings. There are HP 21 ink discounts available that help bring the price down considerably. HP promo codes are sometimes available to help online shoppers get the best deal possible.

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