HP 564 Ink Cartridges Review - How to Get This Ink Easily

HP is well known for its wide variety of high quality printers. They can print anything from simple documents to high resolution photos, but it all comes with a price - ink. Without ink, no regular printer will be able to print.

One of the most popular ink models of HP is the 564 series. These cartridges are designed especially for most PhotoSmart models, which are printers made for printing photographs at home. If they are actually used for photos and not only documents, you will need quite large amounts of this ink.

PhotoSmart printers come with a wide variety of options. For example, the PhotoSmart 6520 comes with a wireless connection to save the hassle of cables. This is usually a huge time saver, especially in a home or office with many computers that need to print.

It also comes with the ability to scan and copy, which saves the need to get a scanner or copy machine (although it`s ink-based, so it`s slower than a toner-based copy machine).

To save even more, this printer comes with an Energy Star qualification for energy saving and automatic two-side printing to reduce paper usage by 50%. After ink, paper is the second biggest expense in a printer, so it`s only reasonable to save on both of them as much as possible.

There is another PhotoSmart model, the 7520, which gives some more abilities (such as a paper feed), and also takes a little more space on the desk. It is also a very popular model which gives all the benefits of photo printing at home.

As for purchasing ink, there are several options. The first one is, of course, buying original cartridges. This will ensure that the cartridges will work with the printer and all warranties will still be valid.

There is also an option of remanufactured cartridges. These are not original, but they look just like an original cartridge. Since they are not manufactured by HP their price is reduced, but they carry a risk of mismatch with the printer and also voiding the warranty in some cases. Their biggest advantage is that they cost up to 50% less than original cartridges.

Another option to consider is extra-large cartridges. They offer much more ink than regular cartridges, and are usually more cost-effective. If you use the printer heavily, try to find these cartrdiges instead of the regular ones to save some money.

Whatever you choose, make sure you make the best decision. Whether you choose to buy original or manufactured ink, make sure you understand what this choice means. That way you will get the best possible HP 564 ink you can.

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