KitchenAid Microwave Review - Learn About the Architect II Series and Why They're Great For Kitchens

KitchenAid is known for designing innovative products for the kitchen. If you are thinking about getting a new microwave, this is the brand you need to go with. They are very easy to operate, so you shouldn't have any problems getting it installed and working. They are also built to last, so you won't have to worry about repairs.

The Architect II Series is particularly a powerful microwave, with its 1000 watts and sturdy design. If you take the time to read a KitchenAid microwave review or two, you will learn that this one in particular is highly rated among consumers. It's a stainless still appliance that can be built-in to your kitchen with coordinated, 27" - 30" cutouts. Its integrated design is highly stylish and creates a seamless appearance in any kitchen.

This microwave has some excellent key features, such as electronic controls, control lock function, large window, auto touch sensors, defrost cycles, add-a-minute control, graphic displays, etc. The graphic display makes it easy to use and operate. The defrost cycles and add-a-minute controls help take away all the guesswork from cooking. This microwave can be set to automatically stop whenever the food gets to a certain temperature.

If you need a large microwave, you could go with the 30" Architect II Over the Range model. This one is a bit more pricey, but it comes with everything you will ever need in a kitchen appliance. A KitchenAid microwave review on this model needs to mention its high-speed cooking capabilities, TruCapture Ventilation system, 1200 Watt power, LCD display with menu, Halogen interior light, etc.

Obviously, a KitchenAid microwave, from the most basic to advanced, is a great investment! You can find great deals online at stores such as HomeClick. Be on the lookout for coupons to help you save on the best microwave for your kitchen.

If you found this KitchenAid microwave review useful, check out some HomeClick coupons to get the best deal possible. You can learn about all the KitchenAid microwave models and determine which one will be best for your kitchen!


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