Letís Have A Quick Look On LG Washer And Dryer Review

When it comes to washer and dryer, quite a few names have captured the bigger market share. LG is one of the earliest introducers of electric and gas dryers into electronic washing industry. Samsung, Whirlpool and Haier also manufacture washer and dryers, but in quite less time, LG has introduced so many models, which helped them acquire majority of market share. It is quite significant to know everything about a washer because electronic items once bought cannot be easily replaced and their features and design is very similar to one another. Therefore, checking LG washer and dryer review is very important before buying it.

Generally, all LG washer and dryers use the same technology. The only difference lies in their design and LED options. After a few months, they launch a new model having latest technology, even that is improved as compared to the previous ones. LG claims that it will never disappoint customers by sending faulty items. This is the reason their support program surpassed its competitors. Within 3 months, if you have found any problem in your LG washer and dryer, it could be repaired through their authorized dealers that are present almost in every major city where LG ships its products.

Mainly there are three models of LG Washer and Dryer. The most common is known as WM3455HS, which is a grey color machine having 10 years warranty given by LG. In case of any technology problem of system failure, their technical staff will address the issue and in case of irreparable problem, it will be replaced at earliest convenience. This machine has a set of buttons and LED on front. All it requires is to add some water, cloths, and washing powder in the bucket, which will automatically set the system and does not require any monitoring. In addition, once completing all rounds clockwise, it starts spinning anticlockwise for effective washing of cloths.

WM3455HW is another washer and dryer combos, which has a great selling record. It is best suited for homes that have limited space for drying cloths in vent after washing them. This is because, it has internal drying and washing system and only needs one time setting. This one is a bit cheap as compared to WM3455HS, however like the previous one; it contains four buttons just below LED to operate LG Washer and Dryer. People usually look for discounted machines since they do not find adequate discounts on the LG website. However, some authorized dealer websites like Home Depot offer 10 years warranty period just like LG, but their prices are considerable low as compared to LG shopping store.

Check out more information on LG washer and dryer review and visit online stores to get amazing discounts.

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