Specialized Types Of Maytag Refrigerators

Earlier in 1893, Frederick Maytag formed a company that specialized in producing home and commercial electronic appliances. This business was started under no name, but after a couple of years, it was named Maytag after the name of its founder. Within a few years, the company expanded so much that it started signing contracts with corporations for their complete electronic appliances along with its fitting. Until 1970, the company remained under the possession of its original family members who initially began the business; this is why Maytag Refrigerators progressed a lot during this period. Maytag is known as one of the originators and pioneers of refrigeration appliances in the US.

Although in 2006, Maytag Company was completely acquired by Whirlpool but still its refrigerators are in more demand as compared to Whirlpool refrigerators. People are still brand conscious when it comes to Maytag Refrigerators. There are quite a few types of Maytag refrigeration units, which are still available in the market with high demanded sales. Maytag Side-By-Side units are very famous, primarily because of its cooling capacity and outer sleek design. Overall, it is comprised of simple, yet shiny surface and has a water cooler and icemaker outside, fitted on one side of its door.

Another type of Maytag refrigerator is French Door Bottom Freezers, this is 3-door unit, which has 2 Side-By-Sides just like the above mentioned unit, and the third one is single door present below the upper two. Bottom unit is primarily used for freezing purposes and ice making. However, some of these models do not have a water cooler on the outer side because of their complicated design. It mostly comes in black, white and grey color. Their prices are comparatively high than Side-By-Side Refrigerators.

“Specialty” is another type of Maytag Refrigerators, which are designed specifically for large areas, and lounges where refrigeration needs are different as compared to normal domestic use. These units come in metallic and white colors. “Specialty” refrigerators are normally expensive as compared with other two types of Maytag refrigerators.

One the website of Maytag, it is clearly mentioned that their prices are not fixed and along with the price mentioned on websites, dealers can also offer selective prices. This makes it difficult for customers who want to buy Maytag Refrigerators at reasonable prices. However, some websites like Home Depot provide it on extremely reasonable prices with some discount offers and attract a number of customers that hesitate buying from Maytag outlets.

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