Okidata Toner Cartridges Review - A Look at Manufacturing Technology and Toner Options for Printers and Fax Machines

There are a number of technologies companies use to manufacture printers and cartridges. The electro-photographic method is considered to be superior to other technologies. This is the method that Okidata uses. If you are looking for Okidata toner cartridges, youíll be glad to know that they transfer the images from the printer drum to the paper flawlessly.

The printers offered by this brand have a light source such as LED or laser, which projects electrostatic latent images onto the drum. After a development process, the toner is transferred from the drum to paper. It is then pressed and fused to the printing paper with heat from a fuser unit.

This toner, along with its compatible printers, is ideal for offices or businesses that require high-volume printing jobs. There is toner available for every laser series, including the OkiPage, Oki, Oki B, etc. Some colors are sold separately in their individual drum unit.

An example of this is the Type C5 units, such as the 41963403 (yellow) and 41963403 (cyan). These are part of the C9300 and C9500 Series of the Oki laser printers. Since they come with their own drum, they can last for a very long time. This will save you money since you wonít have to replace them every time you turn around. One C5 unit color has a yield of up to 29,000 pages. There is also a black C5 unit with a high yield.

The Type C6 units, like the 43034801 (yellow), offer high quality printouts as well. They can be used with various OkiData printers as well as OkiFax machines. Some of the compatible machines/printers include the C3100, C3200, C3200n, and OkiFax 1220 CS.

Speaking of fax machines, Okidata offers dozens of toner cartridges for its fax series. The Type 1 black cartridge (52104201) is a top-seller. It delivers superior printouts to machines such as the Oki Doc IT 3000 and 4000.

Some Okidata toner cartridges donít come in units with drums. If you simply need more toner but donít want to invest in a drum unit, you can order the cartridge by itself. This is the more affordable option. The Type 5 black (52109001) is a quality cartridge for laser printers that can be used with the printers in the OkiPage series.

As stated above, these cartridges can last for a very long time. They have an average shelf life of 24 months. You wouldnít feel pressured into printing high volumes of documents and images in a short amount of time like you would be with ink cartridges.

Their long shelf life, high volume printing capabilities, and high quality printout make Okidata toner cartridges a great investment for any business. Whatever your printing needs may be, you can count on this brand to provide.

You can find a bunch of these cartridges at 123Inkjets.The store offers Okidata toner cartridges at nice, low prices. There are a few options, including black and color toner for dozens of Okidata printers and fax machines. Youíll also find ink if you have any inkjet printers.

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