Samsung Toner Cartridges Review - A Look at ML and CLP Models & Options for Business and Home Users

Samsung has always been a leader in electronics. This company has been manufacturing everything from computers to printers for many years. In recent years, the number of businesses using the printing products has risen a great deal. Part of this reason is due to the quality prints that Samsung toner cartridges are able to deliver.

There are many great options for toner cartridges. Some are high-yield and help to increase productivity in the workplace. The black toner prints out documents and letters in crisp text. The text is always readable, no matter the font size or style. The color brings images to life on paper. The colors are brought out in amazing detail.

One of best things about cartridges made by Samsung is that they are easy to install. Whenever they need replaced, you will find that the process is very simple. They are designed to maximize a printerís performance. Advanced technology is used to manufacture the toners so that they transfer images and text onto the paper.

Even though Samsung toner cartridges appeal to businesses, they can be used for personal printing as well. Some of the CLP-315 machines are good for personal use. You can print out family photos with the CLT-M409S (magenta), CLT-C409S (cyan) and CLT-Y409S (yellow) cartridges. They are sold individually and as part of a pack. Along with CLP printers, they also work with some CLX models, such as CLX-3175N and 6250FX.

When it comes to laser printers, there are occasions when you will need a new drum as well as cartridge. The drum is where the image is rendered before it is transferred to the paper. Samsung offers cartridges by themselves or with drums.

For the black toner, you can go with standard or high yield. The page yield ranges from 4,000 Ė 8,000, depending on which type of cartridge you use. The ML-D3050A black toner is a good standard choice for the ML 3050, 3051, 3051 ND, etc. If you need a high yield black cartridge, you will need something like the ML-D3050B, which can go up to 8,000 pages.

Sometimes you can find packages that contain two black cartridges at a discount price. Since they have a shelf life of up to 36 months, you can save the extra one for future use. Toner lasts considerably longer than ink.

No matter how demanding your printing needs are, you can count on Samsung toner cartridges to meet those requirements. Whether you want standard toner for personal printing or high yield toner for business use, this is the best brand to go with.

Itís no secret that printer cartridges can be costly. This is especially so with Samsung toner cartridges. But you donít have to worry as long as you shop from 123Inkjets. The store always gives the best deals on OEM and remanufactured cartridges. It also offers great customer services.

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