TOTO Aquia Dual Flush Toilet – Saves Water Without Compromising Performance

Perhaps the real joy of buying any TOTO product is the company's proud and long history of producing quality plumbing alliances. Buyers of these products benefit from more than ninety years of innovation and research and the products are not just great to look at but are also environmentally sensitive.

TOTO's dual flush toilets are the choice of many discerning home owners for several reasons. When buying your toilet, you do not want to saddle yourself with a product that will need the services of a plumber every other week. TOTO toilets are made to last and will give years of trouble-free service.

The dual flush technology was developed to improve on flushing performance. The Aquia dual flush toilets enable you to select the amount of water to use. You could choose between 0.9 gallons per flush (GPF) and 1.6 gallons. This is therefore a water saving toilet. The toilet therefore combines two features that you will not find in most other toilets – the ability to perform at peak while saving water. For most other toilets, one of these important qualities is sacrificed.

These toilets also operated almost noiselessly. They feature a push button and come with tank coverings. These quality toilets are also quite reasonably priced. The TOTO Aquia Close Coupled Dual Flush Toilet model CST412MF, for example, retails at less than $400. This ADA compliant toilet has an elongated front bowl and an elongated skirt. It is of universal height and weighs 27.2 pounds. Made of vitreous china, this toilet is available in cotton white color and will be a great addition to the bathroom.

A dearer TOTO Aquia toilet is the TOTO Aquia Close Coupled Dual Flush Toilet CST412MF. It comes as a two piece configuration and has a rough-in length of ten inches. Customers also have the option of a rough-in length of twelve inches. It is available in cotton white color.

Whichever TOTO Aquia dual flush toilet you choose, you are assured of a top performing and water efficient toilet that is also durable. While TOTO toilets are generally reasonably priced, you can obtain them at greatly reduced prices when you purchase online. TOTO gives discounts on this and the rest of its products to customers who have TOTO discount coupons. These coupons are available online making it possible for you to acquire them immediately. Use of coupons saves you both time and money.

When shopping for a TOTO Aquia Dual Flush toilet, make sure to visit HomeClick where you will find TOTO products at good prices.

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