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Toilets are very important plumbing products in any home and one should be careful in selecting them. You do not want to buy a toilet that you will have trouble installing or one that breaks down after just a few days or weeks. Choosing the right toilet will make you save loads of cash and it will be in your home for many years. When the product you plan to purchase is both durable and price competitive, you will know you have selected a good product. This TOTO Drake CST744S Review shows why choice of a TOTO Drake toilet is a good investment.

When shopping for toilets, you have to make sure that you purchase one which has the right specifications. The TOTO Drake series is one of the best in the industry. One of the models that the TOTO Drake toilets have to offer is the TOTO Drake CST744S. Because it is a gravity toilet, it uses simple, easy to repair technology, and experts say it is a good choice for homes with low water pressure. Like most modern toilets, the Drake CST744S consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush, 45 % less than toilets in the 1980s. If you mainly want a standard toilet with a stylish design, this is an excellent and reliable choice.

TOTO Drake CST744S toilets come in different models which are reasonably priced. A few examples will suffice. If you choose TOTO Drake CST744S cotton white, you will get a two piece toilet with a right hand trip lever. You will enjoy its contemporary high profile design that has a G-Max flushing system that is quiet and powerful every time you flush. This toilet is a 2-1/8" wide and has a computer designed fully glazed trapway. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush and is installed with new 3" wide flush valves that are 125% more effective than the conventional 2" flush valves.

The TOTO CST744S elongated toilet is a high profile close coupled toilet which consumes low amounts of water. Its distinct feature is its elongated front bowl and tank seat. For easier flush, it has a chrome trip lever and a powerful siphon jet flushing action which is quiet and precise.

Accessories for TOTO Drake CST744S toilets are easily available and they come at very competitive prices so that whenever you need a repair job carried out, you know where to find them. From connector seats to seat covers, flush plates and flush actuators, all accessories you will ever need are available.

This TOTO Drake CST744S review recommends that you visit HomeClick whenever you are shopping for a toilet as the prices there are always great.

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