Whirlpool Washer Review - All About Top Loaders and Why They're Great Washing Machines

This Whirlpool washer review will focus on the top loading machines. You're probably well aware that Whirlpool is the biggest name in consumer appliances, particularly in regards to washing machines. Its top loading models are some of the best, as they combine a traditional style with modern technology.

The top loaders come in different sizes, although they are generally smaller than a lot of other models out there. Despite their compact size, however, they can still hold fair sized loads. Furthermore, they are energy efficient, which means they can wash more at once with less energy and water. One particular model, the Super Capacity Plus, can hold up to two baskets of laundry at once. With its Xtra Roll Action Plus Agitator, it automatically brings the laundry to the bottom of the basket, and then effectively rolls over to the next set.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned in this Whirlpool washer review is the Auto Load Sensing and Triple Spray Technology. With these, the washing machine senses the size of the load and fills up the basket accordingly. It "determines" the precise amount of water needed so none will be wasted. This technology also includes six different water temperatures, and will wash each load at an appropriate temperature setting.

These machines have everything from heavy duty cycles to hand wash cycles. This means that even the most stubborn stains can be washed out! And, for more delicate garments, a top loader will use the lowest agitation settings possible to mimic hand washing. You can trust that your most delicate garments will be taken care of as gently as possible.

Overall, this Whirlpool washer review needs to give the top loaders a positive rating. They are made in a variety of sizes and colors, so you should easily be able to find one to fit in your laundry room. There are also plenty of dryers to choose from that go well with any of these models. You can find the best deals on both at online home appliance stores such as HomeClick.

If you like what you have read in this Whirlpool washer review, you can look over various models to determine which one will fit best in your laundry room. Also, if you want to order online, you will find some HomeClick coupons that will help you afford the best Whirlpool washer, dryer, and any other appliances you want!


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