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LG Washers Shopping Guide – Taking a Look at Top-Selling Models and What They Offer

With so many washers out on the market, how do you know which one would be right for your laundry needs? There are literally hundreds to choose from, of all sizes, styles, finishes, and colors. Some are quite energy-efficient while others are not. If there is one place to start, it’s with LG. This is the leading brand for laundry technology. LG washers are very economical choices.

What do they have to offer? For starters, they offer a huge capacity. They can handle large loads. Not only that, but they don’t use a lot of power to do so. The units with TurboWash technology allows users to save as much as 20 minutes on their large loads.

One of the top-sellers is the 4.7 cu. Ft. top load washer. This high-efficiency unit is available in white. It features 12 wash programs, including pure color, cotton or normal fabrics, baby wear, bright white, and so forth. The 1,100 RPM spin speed manages to extract most of the water from fabrics to ensure short dry times. Thanks to preset cycles, you can customize your spin and soil levels.

There are also some LG washers with front load designs. If front load is your preference, then you might want to check into the 3.6 DOE cu. ft. model. It’s a high-efficiency electric washer made with stainless steel. Its electronic panel has an LED display and intuitive controls. The Dial-A-Cycle system provides reliable operation of the unit. You can choose from one of the many preset cycles or configure the controls manually.

The stainless-steel drum is designed with NeveRust technology to prevent corrosion. Its stackable design means that it can be used with a matching LG dryer.

If you are on a budget, an economical option would be the 4.3 cu. ft. top load / high-efficiency model. Style is top priority where this model is concerned. It’s a white washer with a front control panel. The controls are easily accessible. You won’t have any trouble adjusting the settings at all.

It has a SenseClean System that is automatically sets the wash time and water level for each load. It detects the weight and the type of fabric(s) used. As with other models made by this brand, this particular one allows the user to either select a preset cycle or manually customize the spin and soil levels.

These are just a few examples of LG washers and what they are capable of. Not only are they affordable, but they are also long-lasting. You can save a lot of money in the long run, thanks to their energy-efficiency and durability.

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