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Lifesmart Sauna Reviews – 3 Popular Models, Their Features, & the Benefits They Provide

If you don’t have the money to go to a spa every time you turn around, why not just invest in a Lifesmart sauna? These saunas are affordable and offer the same benefits of a commercial sauna. They are easy to put together. They come with instructions to assist you with construction.

The great thing about these saunas is that they utilize a special heating system which includes ceramic heating units. According to research, ceramic heating systems generate lower levels of EMF emissions. This makes them less likely to cause harmful radiation.

Most of these saunas can hold two people at a time. They feature infrared technology which sends waves through different layers in the body. Research on infrared technology has shown that it provides health benefits such as relief from lung problems and hypertension.

Which Lifsmart sauna would be right for you? Here is a look at some of the best-sellers:

Signature Deluxe 2 Person Model

This sauna is made out of reforested wood products. The door and side windows are made out of full tempered glass. The system has LED digital controls, a reading light, fresh air vent, and a foot reflexology heater. It also comes with an mp3 connector with speakers and a pre amp! According to reviews, this sauna helps to clear cellulite and other skin conditions.

Premier Series 1-2 Person with Bio Ceramic Heaters

This series features 4 bio ceramic heaters which operate up to 120 degrees. This is considerably less hot than other saunas, so you won’t have to worry about burning yourself. Occupants can still experience the same benefits. The LED controls and timer are easy to configure.

Here are some more features of the Premier Series:

MP3 hookup and two speakers
Non-toxic wood construction with no glue used
Glass door and window, which are tempered for safety
Plug and play configuration with no wiring required
Fresh air vent – Burns up to 600 calories within a half-hour

Lifesmart Corner Cedar Sauna

This carbon sauna is designed to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home. It can hold one or two people. Made out of Canadian Red Cedar, this unit is sure to compliment any type of decor. It features Blaupunkt speakers and Kenwood CD/AM/FM radio. The LED controls are located inside and outside the unit. You can easily set the temperature and time.

It’s small enough to fit inside of any room, yet still spacious enough for two occupants to relax. According to Lifesmart sauna reviews, this model in particular helps to relieve aches and pains. It’s easy to plug up. Like the others, it doesn’t require any complicated wiring.

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